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"CHANGUITOS" - Florencia Giudici observes the trolleys of Berlin in their natural habitat.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

These are, changuitos, shopping trolleys, Einkaufswagen. Practical things, above all, that border modern ideals. Specific objects, in function and place, that were exiled, that compulsorily migrated after the need of some temporary users. And never came back. Today they wander, they show themselves, they hide, they become one with the city, camouflaging, ganging up, waiting until they find a new place, a new function or a new user to satisfy.


Florencia Giudici

Berlin based architect. Her projects always focus on the contemporary ways of inhabiting, mostly in the relationship between subjects and objects, and the way people use things to domesticate the space.

Always looking for new challenges and breaking the operative ways of perception.


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