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"AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS" - Beata Baranowska researches how abstract ideas rule the world.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

correct this 49 thousand five point four attack two percent millions per month the good ones couple of seconds a joke 30 million trades 40 thousand solution please connect to the system kill it another one quite limited good competition wrong one good ones bad one robot 111 pay the money 2600 automatically choose the best


Beata Baranowska

Born in beautiful ‘90 in beautiful Wrocław, Poland.

Recently moved to Berlin.

Sociologist, French Philologue, Double Master, Project & Events Manager, Observant, Absurd Lover, Sun. Cannot be bored, so when life gives her boredom, she makes art out of it.

She creates poems during tech conferences by quoting the speakers and extracting hidden sense of the boring speeches.


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