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-los geht's Berlin!

-los is evolving, and so is the current open call. Once started as a theme to discuss the working (and financial) aspects of the architectural practice, developed to a redefinition of the -los mission.


As young architects in Berlin, we understand that we are stronger, when we cooperate, share and talk. The great experience of being able to collaborate with so many talented people on our journey while creating the magazine, as well as personal experience of entering the established architectural market, oriented our focus towards the next generation of architects. During the -los events we met a lot of inspiring people, often doing their first steps as architects in the city. We listened and discussed - and decided to make -los the place, where you can keep up to date with the young architectural scene.

We start in the place that we know best - Berlin.


With this open call we are looking for Berlin based young architectural studios and initiatives. Tell us your story -  share your concept, approach, ideas and help us build the network of emerging Berlin architects.


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