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What are we doing?

Founded in 2018, –los is your platform for upcoming architecture in Berlin.

We feature local studios - the people behind the scenes, their work and inspirations.

It is the platform where you can get up to date with upcoming events and workshops in the city, find collaborators for your next project and share your thoughts on the current state of the built environment from the perspective of a young architect.

Where is it happening?

–los magazine is situated in Berlin.

We strongly believe in supporting local communities while being part of an international network of creatives.

We are always open for collaborations, exchange and supporting each other.


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Who are we?
Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 12.13.26.png

We are practicing architects, introducing the -los project as a platform for dialogue.

Our aim is to create a platform for emerging architects and artists to publish their work and be part of a debate about current issues and phenomenas we face in society, architecture, arts, science and nature.


Graphics, Web and Editor.

Lives and works in Berlin.
Studied Architecture at
TU Dresden.
I once founded a graphic design collective with friends. 

And discovered a hidden passion.
At daytime I plan houses.
At night I think about the social impact of architecture and urban design. Sometimes I have bad dreams.



Based in Berlin.
Architect and designer.
Studied in Wrocław, Delft & Málaga.
Into informal spaces and legal aspects of urban planning.

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