#5- konturlos

Information is widely accessible and uncontrolled at the same time. 
The amount of it is so significant that its recipients start to act selective, superficial. Often reducing the input to minimum, not assimilating any details. Choosing fast news platforms over reliable information based on expertise and research. This influences the creative fields on many levels - on one hand promoting standardised aesthetics, everyone would like, on the other - making arts more egalitarian and giving more access and opportunities to it through open source projects, 
collectives, new ideas. 



-los magazine


Dana Barale Burdman

The Net Blvd


João Manuel Miranda

EU Rhetoric

Marinos Koutsomichalis

Knowledge, Accessibility, Democracy and
the “New/Old School”

Richard Vijgen

The WiFi Impressionist

Patrick Fry

Print Punch

an Angelika Hinterbrandner

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